Data Sources


The post-translational modifications of the tau protein were initially retrieved from the dbPTM database. The dbPTM database combines experimentally validated PTM sites from a number of resources including the Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD 9.0), the Phospho.ELM database (PhosphoELM.10011), PhosphoSitePlus (Phosphositeplus.1010730), UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (Phosphositeplus.1010730), and SysPTM (SysPTM 1.1).

The Uniprot ID P10636 was used to query dbPTM for microtubule-associated protein tau entries. The downloaded records were further processed to:


Recent publications were scanned for relevant tau-related PTMs. The reported PTMs were extracted from the supporting information, verified and processed as described above, then integrated into the tauPTM database.
Example: The post-translational modifications of endogenous tau isolated from wild-type and hAPP mice reported by Morris et al. .

Tau isoforms

Curation of the tau protein PTMs was primarily mapped to the residue positions of the PNS isoform. Below is a listing of the PNS residues as well as their corresponding residues in the 2N4R tau (tau441) isoform.